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Pegs and Accessories

The Little Ones Pegs are the #1 chromoly peg in the business and have redefined the whole steel peg category. Fast sliding and small diameter make them a rider favorite. Drilled for 14mm axles (includes a 3/8? adaptor)?with multiple anti-spin settings and full heat treatment to make em last. And introducing our new Machine Black color. This industrial coating is both stylish and functional with a matte black finish and low friction sliding. Tested and approved by the Shadow Pro Team
The 4.5-inch peg features a full 4130 core with a long-lasting, fast-sliding, plastic sleeve. - Sold individually - 14mm with 3/8” adapters only - Replacement sleeves sold separately - 5" (length) x 1.5" (outer diameter) - 4.5 oz (9 oz for a pair)
GSPORT G.L.A.N.D. MKV UNIVERSAL FRONT HUB GUARD The G.L.A.N.D. MKV builds on this hub guard's long-running history of protecting the spokes and hub while using the strength of the wheel lacing for structural support. The G.L.A.N.D. is made from proprietary plastic to keep the weight low and to spread impacts evenly while grinding - with as little resistance as possible. MKV Attaches Easier Than Ever The updated design attaches to the wheel via easily sourced self-tapping Phillips-head screws and the G.L.A.N.D.’s fold-over locking tabs that keep the guard centered and firmly seated on the spokes. Super light, super affordable, and will fit most 36-H front hubs with a 3-Cross lacing pattern. Features Made from proprietary, lightweight, low-resistance plastic Minimal shape has been scaled down from previous G.L.A.N.D. designs. Simplified assembly with improved hardware protection Works on front hubs with flanges less than 56mm Made for use on 36-Hole, 3-Cross lacing patterns
The new Gsport Uniguard is a simple, inexpensive functional guard that eliminates the need to spread the dropouts. It’s made from Heat-Treated Cr-Mo Steel and is LHD and RHD compatible as well as Drive and Non-Drive compatible. All bases covered. Available in 14mm or 3/8?.
METAL INSIGNIA PEGS: For all You Metal Peg lovers… They are back! SPECIFICATIONS: Heat treated cr-mo CNC Machined for saving weight 4.5? Lenght 14mm Hole w/ 3/8? adaptor Sold individually Weight: 330grs (11.8oz) each
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